Nix & Nellie Anatomy

​Neurons have different body parts, just like you!

Nix and Nellie like to send messages to other neurons and they have special body parts that help them do it. Neurons send their messages super-fast using a special kind of electricity.

neuron stucture

There are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of neurons in your brain! They are sending and receiving messages all the time about all the things that you are doing, seeing, feeling and thinking.

To learn more about how neurons work, check out the videos in the Nix and Nellie explore section of our website.

Colour your own Cheeky Neuron


cheeky neuron coloring page

Download our cheeky neuron PDFs by clicking on the links and colour and name your own cheeky neuron!  Once you've finished you can share your cheeky neuron with Nix and Nellie by taking a photo of your creation and emailing it to Nix and Nellie so we can upload it to our gallery

cheeky neuron coloring page