Workshops & Events

Create your own cheeky character!

At our Make Your Own Cheeky Neuron workshops, participants create their own Cheeky Neuron characters using easy to follow instructions, while learning about the brain and epilepsy from Nix and Nellie, expert facilitators and guest speakers. 


Workshops are 60-90 minutes long and are suitable for participants aged 5-105. We can also run drop-in sessions within larger events.  All materials are provided. Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult.

School workshops can be included as a part of the 3 step process of registration as an Epilepsy Smart School.


Families and school groups are encouraged to construct neural network displays with their creations to represent the networks of neurons that make up all our brains (cheeky or otherwise), and to encourage open conversations about the brain and epilepsy.

"Jo is fantastic at engaging children (and adults) as she builds understanding and awareness of epilepsy and seizures. She uses videos and hands-on craft activities to explain how the how the brain works, medications and of course those cheeky neurons. "

 Karen Furnivall, Epilepsy Queensland Inc.

"Breaking down misconceptions & making epilepsy everyday conversation. Perfectly targeted at helping kids of any age understand epilepsy."

Vanessa, Melbourne

"Practical education, making the discussion of epilepsy really down to earth. Great work."

Dion, Queensland

Make Your Own Yarn-Wrapped Cheeky Neuron characters created at our workshops use an adaptation of the No-Knit Neuron pattern from the inspirational Neural Knitworks project, with permission from Pat Pillai. To learn more about the Neural Knitworks project click here.