Meet our Creator, Jo Adams

Jo Adams Cheeky.jpg

Jo has always been fascinated by the brain and behaviour.

During her undergraduate & postgraduate studies at Monash University, Jo focused on psychology and neuroscience - going on to teach at Monash University and Monash College for over 10 years before deciding on a career change.


Jo & her furry-feathery family shifted from Melbourne to Canberra in 2017, so that she could complete a Masters of Science Communication at the Australian National University. It was during these studies that the Cheeky Neurons were re-imagined from her past. 


Jo is currently working as a freelance science communicator in Canberra, Australia. The Cheeky Neurons are the medium through which Jo hopes to bring understanding of epilepsy and other neurological conditions to children and families. Increasing understanding and combating fear and stigma about neurological conditions like epilepsy is the driving motivation for Jo. 

"Having everyday conversations about conditions like epilepsy is the first step to increasing understanding and reducing stigma. Everyone who attends our workshops takes home a cheeky little character that helps to do just that!"

Jo hopes to be able to introduce friends of Nix & Nellie's, who are exploring neurological conditions other than epilepsy, to the world in the future.


If you would like to contact Jo you can do so from the Contact Us page here on the website. You can also find Jo on LinkedIn and follow her adventures on Facebook