Epilepsy Smart Schools

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1 in 200 Australian school children is living with epilepsy

The Cheeky Neurons are partnering with Epilepsy Australia with a vision that no child should miss out on getting a good education because of a lack of understanding about epilepsy!

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Australian school children living with epilepsy in each state*

What is an Epilepsy Smart School?

An Epilepsy Smart School is one that is understanding and inclusive - supporting students living with epilepsy both academically and socially. Epilepsy Smart Schools work with the whole school community to create an environment where students living with epilepsy flourish and are supported in reaching their potential.

To find out more, check out this 4 minute video.

Can my School be Epilepsy Smart?

Becoming an Epilepsy Smart School is easy! There are 3 simple (but important) steps that a school needs to take in order to be nationally recognised as an Epilepsy Smart School.

  1. Hold specific Epilepsy Management Plans (EMPs) for each student living with epilepsy. In cases where emergency medication has been prescribed, a current Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP) must also be in place. 

  2. Teachers and staff participate in epilepsy-specific training to provide understanding of the psychological, social and cognitive impact of living with epilepsy. This training will direct staff teaching practice, ensuring that the expectations of schools under the Disability Standards for Education 2005 are met.

  3. Host an event at the school that promotes better awareness and understanding of epilepsy...​

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"We are proud to be partnering with The Cheeky Neurons. Their evidence-based educational programs spread awareness & encourage open conversations about the brain & epilepsy. Plus, they are a whole lot of CHEEKY fun!"


Fiona Allardyce, Executive Director,

Epilepsy ACT 


Using a combination of theory, games, animations and craft, our sessions facilitate learning and talking about the brain, brain-cells called neurons, and how those neurons can get a bit cheeky in disorders like epilepsy. 

PLUS every participant gets to create their own cheeky neuron character to take home!

Every cheeky character created during our school visits represents a future conversation about epilepsy - & having these everyday conversations is one way that we can tackle stigma together!

The Cheeky Neurons have programs suited to classes from early primary level to senior high school. Sessions are 60-90 minutes long and all materials are included.

To find out more about our school sessions including when The Cheeky Neurons will next be in your area please contact us. You can find out more about the Epilepsy Smart Schools program and how to get your school registered at the Epilepsy Smart Schools website.

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*Numbers calculated using ABS 2017 data for school children per state

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