Cycling against seizures

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We're joining neuroscientist Isaac Wensley from the Mater Advanced Epilepsy Unit in his 

Cycling Against Seizures adventure!

Many people who suffer seizures will not respond to medications. For these people, brain surgery is often the best way to achieve long-term control of seizures. Successful epilepsy surgery can often require implanting electrodes into the brain itself to find where the seizures arise, and at present, the Advanced Epilepsy Unit at Brisbane's Mater Hospital is the only intracranial EEG service in Queensland.


Finding out where in the brain the seizures are coming from is a complex and expensive process.


That's why we're supporting Cycling Against Seizures -

& we're coming along for the ride!


In December, Isaac and Neville the Cheeky Neuron will be doing a 560 km cycling trip through New Zealand to raise awareness and funds to support the world-class epilepsy surgery service at the Mater hospital.


"While this will be difficult, it is nothing compared to the battle faced by people living with intractable epilepsy every day. Everyone deserves hope, everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their potential. That is the ultimate goal of the epilepsy surgery  team at the Mater Advanced Epilepsy Unit, we aim to provide hope for the Queenslanders who need it most."

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The 560 km route from Greymouth to Queensland on New Zealand's beautiful

South Island

All donations to Isaac's cause will go directly towards the purchase of a new cortical stimulator for the unit. This key piece of equipment is essential to the intracranial EEG and allows the team to accurately isolate areas of the brain that are contributing to seizures, understand how those areas work, and to perform world-leading research.

To make a tax-deductible  donation and  support Isaac and Neville in their bid to raise funds for the Mater Advanced Epilepsy Unit  check out their EverydayHero account here.