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Make Your Own Cheeky Neuron events

Nix & Nellie are running Make Your Own Cheeky Neuron events to  spread awareness about brains, neurons & epilepsy.

Check out the gallery for pictures from our latest events & check our calendar for upcoming events near you.

If you are interested in hosting an event please contact us & we'd be happy to help.

Nix and Nellie are cheeky, curious young neurons who want to understand the brain - especially what's happening in the brain in epilepsy. We hope that they can help their friends understand epilepsy too in a fun & interactive way.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects up to 1% of the population - many of whom are children. However, online information that is targeted at explaining epilepsy to children has been lacking. That's what Nix and Nellie want to change. By helping children and families understand epilepsy in a fun and engaging way we hope to be able to reduce the stigma and anxiety that is often associated with the experience of epilepsy. 

A history of Nix & Nellie: the product of a love of craft, brains, & talking science with children

Jo Adams, the creator of the cheeky neurons set out to find her ikigai - the connection between her studies in science communication at The Australian National University, her life 'mission', her academic interests, and what gives her joy. The incredible Neural Knitworks project, which promotes mind and brain health through events during National Science Week and worldwide, was a huge inspiration. 

To read more about the birth of the Cheeky Neurons, check out Jo's guest blog on Epilepsy Sparks.  

Acknowledgements & thanks

We are grateful for the ongoing support of Epilepsy ACT and all of the experts, friends and family who have helped make the Cheeky Neurons a reality.

Cheeky Neurons events during March and May 2018 have been made possible thanks to grant funding from Inspiring the ACT. Our Getting Cheeky In Queensland tour in June 2018 was made possible thanks to support from Epilepsy Queensland and Inspiring Australia Queensland.

We are grateful for the generous sponsorship and support received from The Woolshed at Manuka, The Markets Wanniassa, and Crafty Frog. Special thanks also go out to Custom Embroidered Patches for creating & donating AMAZING patches for our volunteer uniforms.

We also thank Elaine Haynes from Apple Crumble Clothing for providing beautiful fabric scraps for use in our workshops.

Colouring pages and certificate artwork created by Chris Cane.


This site is dedicated to the Hunter family - whose experience with epilepsy was the genesis of the cheeky neuron. We hope that Nix and Nellie can be helpful friends to you and to others who share in your experience.

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